FREE science resources!

Sometimes we all need to be reminded (librarians included) that there are hundreds of amazing and free science resources out on the web that don’t show up on the first page of Google results and that aren’t part of our library databases.  Annais Acosta, one of our amazing STEM students at the library chose three of her favorites to share on the blog.

  1. Profiles in Science, from the National Library of Medicine

    • This website provides information on different biomedical scientists. These scientists are grouped into three categories: Biomedical Research, Health and Medicine, and Fostering Science and Health. The online collection exhibits each scientist showing biographies and such. This collection would be good use for science majors so they get an idea of what the life of a person dedicated to science contains whether that’s a scientist, doctor, or anything in that field.


  2. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

    • This website has information on various agriculture topics in the US. This involves farm finances, prices on commodities, chemical usage on farms, and producer demographics. This website seems like a good resource not only for science students but for any major because it focuses on agriculture and living in California, a state well known for it.  We should have some knowledge on what it’s about and how it can affect the career we choose.

  3. ChemView, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    • This website increases the transparency of the Toxic Substances Control Act, created in 1976, to regulate new and existing hazardous chemicals. This database currently provides information on approximately 1500 chemicals, but EPA plans to expand the chemicals covered in the future. This website would be a good resource because it gives valuable information on different chemicals that science majors will most likely be using.
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