Summer at the library!

Happy summer from the library!

We’ve had a lot of changes that have kept us busy in the last few months (hence the absence of blog posts).  We’re excited about all of our summer projects including some new upholstery, and a fresh website!

One person who has been integral to making these changes happen is our newest team member, Pia Selkirk.  Pia joined the library mid April.  She is originally from Mumbai, India, speaks 7 (seven!) different languages, and is excited about working with the amazing NDNU students (especially our of international students).  Pia previously worked at OCLC (a major library organization), Google, and Highwire Press at Stanford. She worked relentlessly with Claire Karoly in Communications for the last couple of months to redesign and launch our brand new library website.  Pia has a lot more in store for the Gellert Library this fall.   



Stay tuned – we have one more librarian, Quincy McCrary, starting on July 1st.  He’ll be joining us from UCSF.  We are thrilled to be building a strong team!  In the meantime, watch for more information on the new website and a few new databases.

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